Portal Problems


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Portal Problems

Hi, I’m just starting to use portals and have a couple of queries regarding the portal track type and portal train speeds.

I am using a revised built-in route which already has a couple of re-rail basic portals included where the track (including the portals) is Auran TS2009 Concrete. When adding a further re-rail portal to another section of track (also concrete), the portal track only comes as “1 track wood” which in no way matches the concrete track to which it is attached. As the built-in portals have matching concrete track I assume there is a way of changing the wood track to concrete but can’t find out how.

Secondly the AI trains produced from the portals seem to only travel at about half speed over certain sections of the track. In a single track section which is through open countryside with no junctions, signals etc, the trains will only travel at around 26mph in a 50mph section but will travel at the full 50mph on the return journey.

Any advice on either or both of the above will be gratefully received, thanks.
Change the config file tag for the track kuid, to whatever kuid you wish (in 2 places, at the top, and at the and bottom, of the config file) ... after the entire train exits the Portal track completely, place a speedboard for what ever speed you want.
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Thanks for the reply but I'm afraid I don't know much about config files. Could you please explain how to do this, thanks.
When you add the portal connect the track to the portal first.
If you just drag the track to it it will not change.