Portal dependencies rule problem.


Trainz operator
Hey there

I'm trying to make another multiplayer session for the route "Hawes Junction".

Unfortunately, portal dependencies aren't detected within the portals.

I tried maggs portal dependency rule (KUID2:116387:34:1), unfortunately, it's an "Auto-detect" rule, so it automatically scans the portals, but since I do not have them configured, the rule appears empty, when in fact, I use the "Central Portal Control" Rule to regulate the trains being produced by the portal (I use CPC because of how it randomly generates the trains at random times, which the default portal does not allow).

The problem is, maggs portal dependency rule does not detect the CPC rule that I've implemented, and thus it doesn't work. And I haven't found another rule that would do a similar job.

I guess I am a little bit stuck at how to sort this out.:confused: