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"Chuck, Joe - a solid hours work for you here.

Do the normal ashes and diesel fuel run:
Ashes - fill the gondola in Loco with ashes from the ash pit and leave the gondola under the small gantry at the Minerals Terminal on the lower level.
Diesel fuel - take the empty tank car in Loco and the empty tank car down by the Minerals Terminal to Conoco and refill them with diesel; unload and leave one tank car at the Minerals Terminal; leave the other at the refuelling pad at Loco.
Load the two gondolas at the Minerals Terminal with coal and unload the gondolas at the coal hopper at Loco; leave the empty gondolas at Loco.

I would like you to also do an additional task:
Take the loaded centerbeams in the Transfer Yard down to the Timber Products Wharf, unload them, and then reload two of the centerbeams with sleepers at the loading point at the south end of HeavyTechIndustries. Return the centerbeams to the Transfer Yard.

I will let you work out the easiest way of doing all this.

As always, give way to main line traffic on the upper level."

Although with just 8 baseboards the route is comparatively small and the Dispatchers orders simple, this little exercise can be a bit of a challenge. I'd suggest taking a few minutes to work out how to do it most efficiently. It took me a little over an hour, but I'm not convinced that it is the optimum. Make a few wrong moves and it will probably take 90 minutes plus.

As always:
1. Three yellow markers represent a LARS section of track; two ProtoLARS. Freight cars will load or unload when stationary on a LARS section. If one car in the consist has been stationary on a ProtoLARS section for one minute, all freight cars in the consist will load or unload in sequence. Right clicking on the section of track will show what it programmed to produce or consume.
2. Maps and a readme are included in the folder containing the session.





Good luck, Dispatcher out.
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