Port of Brisbane revisited (help)


Targ (Chris)
Well guys I have finally been able to get my hands on T;ANE and actually had the time to sit back and enjoy its wonder...

as you can expect I wonted to see how it would run my Port of Brisbane route....

I was impressed...

even with the things that are missing due to them coming from 3rd party sites...

it was beautiful.. but I would like to make some changes to the route to improve it..namely fix the water colour as it is now green like duck weed on a lake..

my biggest issue is that I have experienced a huge PC crash..

now I know this is a big ask but if any of you remember me .. and the route and was involved with the testing or other work on it.. if I sent you the build files.. or if you can tell how I can recreate them from what is on the DLC please I'm up for it..

I would like to make it work in T:ANE in all its splendor

Targanon(aka Chris K)

Author Port of brisbane.