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Hello everyone.As everyone know there are a ton of new sites opening, and i am an admin of 4 of them myself, 1 of which is Trainz Related. So, I was wondering if there would be any interest in joining a forum that is For Railfanning, not just for trainz. I am looking for a partner to help me run the site as well. I'm hoping the said partner would like to help by purhcasing a domain for the site, but i can only hope lol (since i'm fifteen and can't pay for a domain my self) Anyway, I am thinking of using Zetaboards to make the forum, as i has some great new features and is a brand new software. The board service is also free, which means th only thing we would have to pay for the domain and if we really wanted it ad removal.

For anyone not thinking of helping me to run the site, Would you be interested in joining and chatting about all sorts of railroading on a forum? If so post here, because I am thinking of opening the site if there is enough interest.

EDIT: I Almost forgot to mention that the person who helps with all of the domain stuff is granted full admin access, and we will be choosing staff upon the sites creation.

Edit: Edit: Just in case i was not clear, this is a site for TRAINS in general, not TRAINZ RAIL SIM
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No, TCR is staying open. Why would i throw away my most beloved of my 4 sites? No, I am planning on starting a new 5th site, One that anyone on the forums here can enjoy.
I would love to help you run it, but I'm just another poor teenager who relies on odd jobs as his only source of income as my parents don't believe in allowances (thank goodness I don't have pay for gas yet! :eek: ), so I'm afraid I couldn't help fund the domain.
I wouldn't mind helping design and run it... but like Ferrous i have no $$ (ok I got ~$24.00)

LOL Ok. I will start the site tonight, and then we'll keep searching for someone who would like to help with a domain.
Ok. It will probably be up by friday, and I will PM you and Perrock the link. I do not want to make the board public until i am sure weather or nohttp://forums.auran.com/trainz/editpost.php?do=editpost&p=203893t we will have a domain. I am going to try and make a skin for the board before i do much else so that it looks good. Any preferred color schemes? Text, BG, and Border

Edit: I am also trying to come up with a good name for the board. Any suggestions?
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Thanks Chaos, but we have that all figured out now. For hosting, we are going with Zeta boards. Thats the one thing we actually knew. Name isn't bad, only thing is this is a site for Trains in general, not just Trainz Rail sim.
LOL Actually, Ferrous sent me a good name base, and We've decided to name the Board Platform 76, which is a great name for it. We will not be sending out a link to the board until we are done contructing it, and we are going to wait until at least thursday of next week just in case we manage to find someone willing to pay for a domain (yes that person gets admin acess) and if not, eventually one of us will be able to, so that will work. Thanks for your suggestions though!

As the result of me and perrock practically pulling an all nighter, the board has a brand new skin, that is pretty much 100% custom, and the board LOOKS AMAZING! I will keep the community posted here.
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here is a little teaser of what it's starting to look like, I got about 3000 images to go thru and theme up, so this won't be the first all-nighter I'll be pulling :p


PS, no I'm not complaining if anything I'm boasting.

Edit: teehee forgot to post the preview..
Platform 76 Preview
I wasn't complaining either lol. I'm rather proud of our dual teamed skin. Just as a note, my siggy is not a link yet. It will not become a link until it is tme to unvail the site.
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Platform 76 is now open and has trains departing daily to all parts of the globe. You can click on Skii's banner (above) or this link:
Platform 76