Polish asset kuid 367236:10161


Do anyone have (and can send me by e-mail) the asset above that is blocking a few dozen polish passenger wagons? It is bogsound v1 kuid 367236:10161.
thanks in advance
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Two things:

1. Don't post your email address in a public forum like this, unless you want spam.
2. Most members here will not email people assets unless they have permission to do so from the asset creator (or if they are the asset creator).

Yes I have, to no avail...also googled it, and nothing... So I hope somebody has it and indicate the source.Thanks
You could try using kuid:367236:10191 as a replacement. It's available at the DLS.

http://trainz.org/ptt isn't online anymore. Most of the content is available at www.trainz.pl . For some of the links, replacing http://trainz.org/ptt with www.trainz.pl, will give you a correct link (but not for this object).

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I have 367236:10191 bogsound v2 and it doesn`t work.
BTW could I change the assets cfg. to accept v2?

- In ContentManager select the asset
- open for edit in explorer (Shift+Ctrl+E)
- make a backup copy of config.txt (like config_original.txt, just for safety)
- open config.txt with a simple texteditor
- replace every occurrence (usually 2) of the old kuid (like <kuid:367236:10161>) with the new kuid (<kuid:367236:10191>)
- save and exit editor, close explorer window
- in ContentManager commit asset (CTRL+M)