Pev's tools


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I don't seem to have Pev's tools integrated into CM3.7 as I do in CM3.3.
There is no 'open with....' option as in 3.3.
Have I missed something or is this normal?
Also the latest TS12 update removed my pick list from Surveyor, can it be restored?
Hi Rog,
For each one of Pev's tools, open the program up and you should see on the top menu bar 'Setup', in this list is an entry 'Open With' which will allow you select your Trainz installation and setup the 'open with' option you'r looking for.

I don't think there is a way to backup or restore Picklists yet, unfortunately. What I always do is apply all the Service packs before I use the software, so then I won't lose the Picklist.

Thanks Arthur, I'll do the setup again.
Another thing to bear in mind. If you do the setup process whilst Content Manager is open, you may need to re-start Trainz to see the menu.