Painfully slow downloading!!


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Why is it so damn slow to download the installation for Trainz? I am on a 100Mbps (12MB/s) connection and I am lucky to get 100KB/s! It is definitely not my connection!
Your connection speed has nothing to do with your download speeds, it's only a theoretical maximum. There are many other factors involved such as server load, ISP load, good old Aussie copper wire causing bottlenecks, the route your data takes to and from the server, which I understand is in the USA and other factors such as the file hosts connection speed etc. Unless you have a direct fibre connection to a server next door that nobody else is using at the same time, you are unlikely to get 12 megabytes per second downloads.
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Same problem here , positive site : you wil get enough cafeïne and i'fe talked to my wife since .....................well , she's really nice.