Ore/Coal dock underloader (working)


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I seem to have spent hours trying to find an Industry dockside unloader for taking coal from a filled coal barge which has been loaded elsewhere - anyone come across one?

I will keep searching but KUID or names would be helpful if anyone has any ideas.

Thank you and Merry Christmas
I do have an old model that unloads coal and ore (the default setup is ore) if I recall, but I have not tested it for some time. It is a moving unload, speeds below 18kph, not a stopped unload. It should operate in TS12:

Ore Ship Dump Complex,<kuid2:60238:26209:2>

You will find more information on my ore shipping system here:


I made a system of thornberger hoists that are interactive to unload coal from a ship or barge and fill gons but they were gone by the 1920's having been replaced by the Hewlets.