OpenJDK Platform binary - very high power usage

Your choices are either get rid of NetGuard and hope you're sitting at the computer when the power goes off that way you can shut it down nicely or keep Netguard and it will shut the machine down gracefully when the UPS is down to around 5% through the Windows Mangement Interface if it has been set up correctly.

Reality is I suspect it is an Australian product and possibly a fairly small company with limited resources so writing the code in JAVA means it will run on Windows, Linux etc without a rewrite. You might like to try switching off the power to see if the computer will run on the UPS. Sounds crazy but I brought an APC UPS once and the sine wave output wasn't good enough to run my computer so check it. My personal preference these days is Cyberpower.

Your CPU has 16 cores so do you really care if one is tied up with running Netguard?

The other thing I'd do is download and install the latest version of Netguard software from Powershield followed by the latest Microsoft JDK openjdk.

Personally although I run UPSes I don't have them connected to the computer to automatically shut down on a power outage. I do have the screen on the UPS as well though so I can see enough to close the computer down. The major benefit of a UPs is normally to catch brownouts or voltage drops which would cause writes to the hard disk to fail sometimes. We got many fewer software errors when we added UPSes corporately.

So you pays your money and takes your choice.

Cheerio John

Thanks to both of you for your input/output (my little UPS dad joke).

Your advice made me confident enough to get rid of NetGuard. When the PC is idle now, none of the processes show a power usage greater than "low" and the vast majority are "very low".

The PC and UPS worked fine together before I installed the NetGuard monitoring software, so it should still be OK after I remove it. I never let the PC run without me being present anyway, so I will always be there to shut it down manually if the UPS is triggered.
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