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Is there a program that can open JA files? I wouldn't be asking this, but for some reason, my steam copy of Trainz 12 isn't showing the Class 14 pack as being installed, even though the library confirms it is. And I've no idea how to get the Class 14 into TANE and TRS19 without exporting it from Trainz 12
VVMM used to have a JA Expander utility but unfortunately, he no longer has it listed on his website Trainz Romania.
When was it removed? I couldn't find it using the Wayback Machine

EDIT: Turns out you were wrong: their Yandisk files of the software contain something called JA Extractor. I think this is what you were referring to, not JA Expander
If you search in Trainz Romania/Downloads/Software:
and you select an option, for example: Kuid Lister v1.12 in the window that opens a download link with the name of appears, within this link there are many software downloads for Trainz, in the folder other tools is JA Extractor.7z
There is also the highly searched "IM editor" in the TrainzUp Tools folder.
I'm sorry I typo'ed the name. I'm not as perfect as some people expect me to be.

I went looking for the files and it came up with a 404 error on the website. I did not know to click on a file then dig deeper which is totally unintuitive and not something most people would do unless they know about it already.

Since the file is live and well, I did send it to you via a private message in case you are interested but apparently I'm stupid and it doesn't matter.

Thank you, Frank Dean for assisting.
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