Opening a saved game in trainz simulator 2 for mac


New member
I am a rank newbie, so please be patient. I'm on a Mac running Trainz Simulator 2 and going through the Learn to Drive tutorial. During the second tutorial, I completed a task (taking the boxcars from Shaw and Son to the yard for the through train), and saved the game (save game from the main menu) before closing the program to take a break. When I returned to the game, I assumed I'd be able to re-open that saved game and continue from that point.

But I CANNOT find any place where I can open and return to a saved game. If I start again, I can save again. And I see the previously saved games in the list of Save Driver Sessions that comes up. I can save OVER an existing session. But WHERE is the OPEN command to return to a saved tutorial?

Any help would be appreciated...