One Tree Plain Hotel history



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One Tree Hotel, One Tree Plains, Hay.
One Tree Hotel is 38 km north of Hay on land that was originally a pastoral holding. It was built in 1862 as Finch's Inn and served as a staging post on the Cobb and Co. run between Hay and Wilcannia until the service ended in 1914. Here the passengers would disembark for lunch and rest while the horse team was changed. William Clark bought the hotel from Alexander Finch [Gaz. - Finch 1865-1866; Johnstone 1867-1869; William Clarke 1870-1882; Eugenia Clarke 1883; Rudd 1884.] and he leased the huge government tank nearby which waterered up to 12,000 sheep at a time. Horse and bullock teams of up to a thousand in number were watered at the change at the charge of per penny a head. The inn was purchased by the McQuade family in the 1880's who still own it. Although the original structure was burnt down in 1901 the insurance claim stated that recompense could only be made if the building was rebuilt exactly as it had been, so the current hotel is a replica. The license lapsed in the 1940s when it became a private residence. It is currently derelict. One Tree was proclaimed a village in 1885 though it never grew and the old building is a lone sentinel on the plains today.
( Fairfax Walkabout - Australian Travel Guide :

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