Current reskins/projects i'm working on

(UPDATED 1/16/17)

Hey all,

this is my first blog post, so I thought I might take the time to say what projects/reskins I'm currently working on in no particular order. Status of each is listed beside the project.

Tuskeege 101 (Not yet started. May not start until I can find a modern looking Stepheson Valve gear prarie. Bdaneal's prarie has a Walsercherts (I don't think I spelled that right) valve gear.)
Metra F7 (Rough Reskin done, now reviewing original work to determine what needs to be done to make the reskin authentic. Projected completion date is maybe this summer.)
South Shore Line Pullman/steel MU coach (basic Reskin done, now looking into making improvements before the rough version is released. Projected completion date is maybe this summer.)
Union Pacific 1243 (not yet started - reskinning from a harriman 4-6-0)
Strasburg Railroad 90 70's/80's appearance (finished, awaiting de bugging for drive wheel bogey placement and other revisions to the reskin)
Southern Pacific Black Widow Decapod (on hold)
CTA green hornet PCC (rough reskin finished, moving on to finalizing reskin. Projected completion date is maybe this summer. This will NOT be available for public download due to the license terms of the original model.)

Chicago Surface Lines brill Streetcar (Will be started after Green hornet and or F7 are done)
LS&I 2-8-0 pack (Next up after SSL coach. Look for a special scenic railroad consoolidation to make a cameo!)
ComEd 15 SW1 (Rough reskin started)
Metra E8 (not yet started)
Frisco 1630 whistle pack (1 whistle done, 3 more to be made: IC/hancock 3 chime (her standard whistle), Wabash 5 chime (as worn in summer of 2016), and then )
Railroad Museum route (on hold)
CTA 5000 series experimental articulated train sets (not yet started, but shouldn't be started until around late November/early december 2017)
The coors light silver bullet (future project! Just need some practice in GMAX or another program, and I should be set to go! looking for mid-late 2017 as a potential start date! update 1/16/17/ - afgter carefully examining my MTH model of said train, it looks like that may be too complex! :( )
CTA 6000 series grey paint scheme (side project reskin - won't be started until I have some downtime in between reskins/projects or when I feel like starting it)
Hank the PRR k4 from Thomas and friends (Looking at making this a new years 2018 or maybe a Christmas 2017 project!)
Strasburg Railroad mack rail bus (Added 10/16/17. finished around November/December! Just need to look at only VERY minor details like the steps before the reskin is released! Also will need a custom horn sound to go along with it, but I can't find any video of it running! The PERFECT addition to the SRR route(s) on the DLS)
Re-done CTA cars (using 2-door subway car models. the Old CTA cars on the DLS are all 3 door models. Sadly I can't quite find any images of CRT (Chicago rapid transit) cars with 3 doors, so that's a little less real.)
Gong bell attachment for CNW F7 loco (This is going to be a little tricky! I'll have to see how I can get a bell from a RR crossing into a separate asset. Fingers crossed I can get this worked out!)

Any Requests for a reskin? whistle/horn? just ask! I'll see what I can do! As long as it's not hard, I'll do it!

(Update 9/6/2017)

My old hardrive went bad 2-3 months ago, and sadly, I lost all my progress. :( RIP my creations. I was lucky however to get a few of my reskins on the DLS (though they're only for Ts'09 due to the trainz build. I may have to find a work around). The Straburg railbus has been recreated and looks better than my last attempt (it was the easiest since it was just a basic scheme: yellow body, green awning, black roof.) I've kinda given up on some of my other projects, I guess I was just going too wild with my imagination. there's a 1630 already made by K&L trainz with a nice whistle, so I'm not going to mess with audio trying to make something, I couldn't even get a doppler effect anyways, it could still be heard even when i was far away from the train! Maybe I'll focus on easy projects (ones with pre made reskin templates or that can easily be done in instead of complex reskins to complete collections of historic railroads/museums in trainz or other users. Perhaps i might start fooling with mesh objects and attatchment points to help achieve some more realistic models in the future like a CNW f7 as they notably had gong bells similar to the ones you'll find o a rail road crossing, and the DLS CNW f7 has 2 headlights.
Just Finished my rough reskin of the non-real PCC from the DLS into a Green hornet! It turned out to look very good in the end! it was hard to make the black headlight wings look silver since I had trouble using the magic wand to select the right areas without running into the black space! VERY authentic down to the black lining stripe around the orange stripe! I will make the following improvements: shrinking the height of the orange stripe on the doors, re-coloring the cream railing (not sure what it is) to match the orange stripe to help make the entire re-skin complete, and the addition of the CTA logo! this coming week, I should get to work finishing the SW1, working on the brill trolley, or some 1630 whistles. all depends on what I'm in the mood for.