Offline iPortals?


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Hi, my friend and I both have TR2006 and thought that maybe we could operate using the iPortals. However, we had a bunch of problems setting it up.
Is it possible to play offline, or on a LAN that is not connected to the internet?
Is it possible over a peer to peer network?
It should be, as long as you both have a decent connection. However, iPortals do have a server, and if that's down/you're not connected to it, the iPortals may not work.

No, to send something from one person to another via the IPortal it must be connected to the internet because it sends through the IPortal Server. However you can send something to yourself within the same layout then you don't have to be connected to the internet.

So yeah, the bottom line is, you must be connected to the internet for the IPortals to work, but would be a good suggestion though, let the IPortals communicate to each other via LAN if it can be done.