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Hey all

Is there anyway possible to take google earth to a older version ? The reason i ask is im currently making the St Marys - Ropes creek line for trainz and the only reason it was still going ( very slowely ) was becasue google earth showed the locations of trees etc. Well now they are building a new houseing estate over the railway line and guess what ... Google earth shows that insted of the version i had before which showed it years ago when everything was still there:'( . If i cannot get google earth back to the older pictures i simply cannot do ropes creek anymore .....:'( .

Na i can't really make it properly cause alot of the line is in government control and im basing it in the 60's/70's. That and im a perectionist and want it to be as close as possible :) .

Try the NSW Lands Department Spatial Information Exchange(SIX).
Use the SIX Viewer for terrific aerial imaging.
Hope this helps!