North Eastern Railway EF1?


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OK, before anybody asks, I'm not exactly looking for a North Eastern Railway EF1 class locomotive: it's either that or a close look-alike.

Now, I once saw Cmburgess with a picture of a mesh of one, but I've no idea if he finished it or not.

So, while I have searched for a simple look-alike and found some examples, they are either difficult to reskin or not that satisfactory in that they don't look even close to the real thing.

And that's why I'm asking this: where can I find a pure EF1 or a close look-alike for Trainz?
Don't think he's made this:

Don't think he's made this:

There are some Swiss and German locos that look similar to that. I remember seeing them, but of course don't remember where, who made them, or the model numbers as I'm not familiar with the various engine classes on European locos.