NJT North Coast Line


The Broken Brilliance
On the NJT North Coast Line route from Trainz Commuter Rail, there is a missing track asset, and the site hosting it is now closed. A KUID search turned up no results for it either. Does anyone know if there is someplace else I can download the track?


What is the kuid of the asset that is missing? We don't know what track is installed because there are so many routes and so many different kinds of track that can be used. :)

Try this here:


Put in the Kuid and let it find the asset if it's available.

If anyone can get in contact with the creator, ask if he's willing to upload them to the dls or a new website. There's no reasonable way to replace nearly all of the missing track in a really long route without doing it by hand.
Already tried it for you.
The only link I could find takes you to what I presume is the same missing page that you mentioned at the start.
Just noticed <kuid2:147817:25>isn't a valid kuid format

Should be as follows kuid2:xxxxxxx:xxxxxx:xx
Interesting, the KUID I posted is identical to what shows in CMP. The asset is certainly real, and the KUID is correct, but the download page is no longer registered (active).
He was last active January 6, 2014. One of the only solutions here is for the creator of the route to switch the asset to a different one, preferably one hosted on the dls. I have a feeling that raildumper (asset creator) is no longer a part of the trainz community, or has very limited involvement now.
There may a way to sort the track if that's the only missing spline.

The white dashes are the missing spline asset <kuid:523:1124> If you open it for edit and look at the config it has permit listing 0

change the 0 to 1 change the kuid into <kuid2:523:1124:1> and save then do not try to commit as it won't let you just either import the editting folder or just drag and drop the folder into the CM Window it will commit then and obsolete the builtin version, revert the builtin to original which should now show as obsolete. the missing Spline will then show in the surveyor listing, be selectable and If I'm right, you should be able to do a straight replace assets on it.

As I haven't got any missing splines in any route I can't actually test the replace part.
I would rather not like to alter built-in content, as in the past it's proven to be troublesome to the system occasionally. I'm just going to PM the creator about it instead, I think.

Thanks to all for your suggestions