Nil Slab Install

Concrete Slab Edge KUID:135229:100500; Author Dricketts - 176 downloads to date -
Is anyone able to explain to me, why I am only able to download this particular spline asset in its original
platform textures, and design.
The textures used for the concrete abutments, the concrete supports, and the errant concrete slab edge, should all be uniform
if the thumbnail of the 3 different components of the bridge is anything to go by.
As I'm unable to find a contact for both Dricketts and the original author of the concrete slab edge Chris Whiting,
That particular approach is not available to me at the moment.

Efforts to reskin the 'Slab edge with the same texture as the concrete abutments and supports wasn't a highly successful operation.
The texture appeared on the slab edge in a patterned manner, which was not what the image in the bridge thumbnail displayed.
Any suggestions, advise, tips, consolation's, that you are able to offer re this problem.
Will in all probability be taken quite seriously by this inquirer.

Sorry about that. Dean brought this to my attention. Looks like I accidentally used the incorrect texture right before upload to the DLS. I've uploaded a new version with the correct texture about 30 minutes ago. It should be available soon.

Hope you enjoy it.