Newbie needs help with some TRS 2019 PE issues - Tutorials and local freight session


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Hi all,

a week ago i bought TRS 2019 PE and in general love the game and simulation. To get a hold of how thinks work i went through the tutorials and started some of the sessions on Kickstarter County 2 and Midwestern.

Now i ran into some strange issues/bugs that to some extend make it hard to enjoy the game. Those issues also give the impression that the PE was released without quality control, as they render some of the tutorials and sessions simply unplayable or unfinishable.

I hope someone can help me out to get those sessions finished. Here the list of issues/bugs:

1. The track of the double mainline in some of the tutorials is not smooth at mulitple points, most prominent the tunnel entry N of power plant. This makes playing the those tutorials frustrating as you have to crave along at walking speed to not derail. Strangely the normal Kickstarter County 2 is free of all those bend tracks.

2. "Frozen brakes" Tutorial 09 Dynamic brake. It is impossible to get the train moving. For some reason i do not know the brake cylinder pressure is at 230 and stays there. Only way i found to move the train is to edit the session, remove the locos and add in other locos. Those do not have that issue. But once edited i cant get an achievement for that sessions. So kinda frustrating. Similar issue is around some of the locos in local freight session. They park and their BC is at 230 and won't go down when brakes are released.

3. Session Local Freight. I really like that session. Great fun to organize the freight and drop-off. But sadly i cannot finish it. When i try to enter the yard at St. Nicolass to drop of freight at Miso, Ontrack and Riccochet. All signals to the yard are red and state "line ahead is unsignaled". I have tried all kinds of junction settings, but they will stay red when pointed into the yard with that message. And when i try to pass those junctions the session ends due to overdriving a red signal. Again very frustrating. I do not know if this problem is limited to local freight or if entire kickstarter county is affected by this.

I played two sessions on midwestern and they worked fine. The LOD of the track there was kinda strange, as the tracks disappeared around half to three quarter of a mile ahead and behind the train. My settings in the launcher are mostly on Ultra, with view distance at 6000m, with high objects and trees and ultra post processing. But atleast i could finish that.

I'd appreciate any help on the above topics.

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Hi Agathos_Deimon - quick answer for number two on your list below, regarding 'frozen brakes'. Use the 'D' key to bail the brakes (releases the brake cylinder pressure so you can proceed).
Rest of your list will take some more re-visiting of those sessions, so I hope others will be forthcoming here...
Cheers! PC
Hello Agathos_Deimon and welcome. I am a bit frustrated as N3V has known about some of these bugs as early as T:ANE SP4 and there have been no fixes. It does not speak well to their anticipation of new users that they don't fix the tutorials that new users are bound to try. It is bad marketing to have new users run right into known issues. These should be VERY high-priority fixes, but they are dragging on now for well more than a year. I agree with your assessment about the impression it gives. I do know that they had a lot of beta testers working on the new versions, but I wonder how many ever took the time to run though the tutorials. That does not seem to have been on their list of mandatory checks.
@PC_Ace Thanks that hint helped alot. I wondered for a while what bail brakes actually meant. Now i know. :)

@Forester1 Ok...yeah thats really frustrating. For a game i personally find tutorials and beginner missions/sessions the key to drag people in. Testing those properly should be high on the schedule and mandatory as you said. Its really odd in this case, as the issues with the bend tracks becomes apparent within 3 minutes into i.e. the train brake tutorial (think #8). Guess i have to live with it than.

Building my own session on Kickstarter County 2 i found that the junctions to the yard seem to generally give the "line is unsignaled". As i simply avoid putting in the "override red signal" rule i can play those sessions...nevertheless sad this won't work for the pre-build and included sessions.

EDIT: Ok...seems i found a solution to #3 also....kinda tricky and hard to figure out for a newbie cause the layout and junctions dependencies are not obvious. ;)
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