Need Help with Appen - again.


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Since T:ANE, I have been trying to successfully run the two Appen sessions. In the past there have been bugs such as switches that didn't work, so that it could not be completed. Now that I have TRS19 and am up to SP5, I decided it was time to try it again. I brought up the freight session, and it is trying to get me to get the driver assigned to the loco. Unfortunately, a ctrl-right-click gives me nothing but "View Details".

No option to "Move to Train". Even so, I can hit "1" and I get cab mode in the correct loco. However, at the bottom right, it tells me "The selected loco has no driver". The session says to "Click on the lower left '?' symbol. That does not exist. Then it says "Click the right mouse button onto your driver symbol again and select 'Move To Train'. Click the marked engine now". Left clicking on the driver silhouette at the lower left brings up a driver box, but it says, "No assigned location". All of the buttons are grayed out, so I can't do anything with the driver. The add button is disabled for the session.

So, I cannot even get started with this session! I must be missing something really dumb, but I can't figure out what it is. Anyone have any ideas?
I ran into te same problems with Trainz Plus MAC Beta build 118533 and reported it as a bug. Support responded: "Unfortunately as this session was created for an earlier release of Trainz, some of the instructions may not apply to current releases. As this pack is now quite old it is unlikely it will receive any further updates."
And yet it's in the Store still for $19.99 and listed as, quote: "Compatible with: TRS19, Tane SP2 and Above" - I hope you have Silver or Gold and didn't pay the $19.99.

If you really want to run the route just delete the loco, place one, and make up your own shunting session.....
Yes, as long as they are charging for it, they should be supporting it. Without the sessions, there really is not much to it, just a very, very small switch yard. I guess if there is not going to be any support, I would definitely warn people against buying it. If they are not going to support it, they should make it freeware on the DLS, and then maybe some talented person could re-create the sessions.
You can cheat and edit the session to put a driver in. Go into Surveyor and Edit Session Click on "Driver Setup" rule and "Edit" - UNCHECK the box that says "Remove all existing Drivers first" and click checkmark then on that same rule (Driver Setup) right click and RESET. Now click the check mark at bottom right to close - go into Driver, unpause. Click on the Driver icon at bottom left and you'll have a 2nd driver. Click the "Move To Desination" icon and then click the loco to put the driver in it. I didn't run the session but after I put the driver in I still had the navigation icons so I assume it still might work. I remember that at some point in the near future you have to change loco's again. Hopefully that will work also.

Also, if you have a red light that won't turn green you can fix that too. Just delete the "Signal Passed at Danger" Session Rule and you can run red lights all day long without killing the game.

But seriously, there are so many better Routes/sessions free on the DLS... why take the time? Try the Stockton Terminal and Eastern route.
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