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Hello All,
I need help. I've been doing some searching and haven't found what I'm looking for. I'm not too interested in creating routes, but in operating them. What I need help with is if there is some comprehensive guide or tutorials somewhere as far as what to do. By this I mean:

I have downloaded a route. I understand I need to open it in Surveyor and place rolling stock. But which ones, how many and where? Also, what about the industries? How do I get waybills generated so I know what needs to go where. What industries are there in the layout?

I would like to be able to operate the route, deliver the cars where they should go and pick them up from where they should be. LARS looks like what I'm looking for, but for all of this, it looks like I need to disseminate a route to find all this, which I might as well make one. Neither of which I desire to do. I think and I'm hoping I just don't have enough info, and I don't know where to find it. Please help.:confused:
In Surveyor - to the right is a list of buttons. Each represent a certain part of a route. The top one is Topagraphical, the next is (i forget), but the bottom one is the list of rolling stock that comes with 2004. In that list you will see all loco's and wagons that 2004 comes with. The DSL has a ton of creations of Trainzers over the years cleared with Auran. As far as industries goes, one of those buttons on the right (I think) with a house as a logo is the one you would click on and on the dropdown menu click on the "?" mark and then left click the industry and if it is configured, it will tell you want products it supports. then on the rolling stock button again the "?" on then left click the boxcar (for instance) and it will tell you what it carries.

Hope this helps a bit. The download station has a tutorial section also. Look under Game Info at the top.

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Thanks Jack, it does help. Every little bit gives me more knowledge than I hade before. I hope I can find a method less involved, like loading a scenario, I guess.
We will all be glad to help you with specific questions, but I would recommend as a starter to run some of the built-in scenarios. Also, if you haven't read the World Builders Guide or the Engineer's Guide that was included on the game disk, I would recommend that you do so. They will clear up a lot of questions.
Welcome to Trainz and the forum.
Welcome cpirrmann --

If you want information about LARS, this might be useful:

If you want to try existing routes that are highly interactive, perhaps consider these two:

If you search the Download Station with philskene as author, you will find a number of sessions for both routes that use interactive industries and freight cars.

Hope this helps,
WoW. That was what I was looking for too! Best set of TTs I've read. It also answers my question about the "" around some kuid numbers. Sadly ' ther are still many mistakes in some files but we can live with that.