New T:HANE - N3V, Will the DLS Be Managed?


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Most of the thousands of assets in the Trainz series are very useful. However, a growing number of people are just placing "junk" or unwarranted numbers of assets in the database with no reaction from N3V. Many existing customers have, or soon will, pay more money to N3V for a new and improved railroad simulator. Given this investment by customers will N3V now manage the database to prevent the excesses that are currently occurring without moderation?
This will be a more useful thread, Dick, if you provide specific KUID numbers for the items you judge to be "junk, or unwarranted numbers of assets". In a more general sense, this may be a point of view issue. I'm not much interested in Eastern European narrow gauge, so many assets of that might look like "junk" to me, but to those who do have an interest in those styles of railroading they may be indispensable.

This subject has been brought up too many times to count. In a word: No.

I understand a rating system could be in the cards, though.
Hi Boleyd,

You raise a good question, and the answer is: sort of.

As i'm sure you and many others are aware, curating the DLS would be an immense job. Considering all of the content that is already on there and the frequency of new content being added, this would be considerably time consuming and having just one dedicated employee is most likely not going to be enough. Despite the fact that, data entry on such a grand scale is really tedious as well. So no, we don't currently plan on appointing anyone to a specific role to tackle this issue.

This doesn't mean we're ignoring the issue however. Our goal is to create a smarter system.

As RRSignal briefly mentioned and as we've alluded to in the past, we will be bringing back a rating system for content on the DLS. The goal of which is to allow users to find the best content, but this in itself raises issues such as; how do you prevent rating manipulation, what if there is quality content but it has trouble being found? and so forth. So our rating system will be very complex, and will also go hand in hand with a host of new features. All of this is being enabled by the recent progression to the MyTrainz system.

But how does this curate the 'junk'? As part of the ratings, we will be adding a host of new reporting features, which combined with the rating system (and many other features) will start to form an automated moderation tool for the DLS that will aim to sift through the junk and keep the DLS clean - all while being controlled by the community.

Right now however - our teams are focused on the successful delivery of Trainz: A New Era and its supporting systems. When we get closer to these new changes for the DLS, i'll be sure to make a full informative post in the announcements.
Thanks for the comprehensive reply. It is indeed good that N3V recognizes the problem. Granted it is an impossible task. My point was to see if N3V acknowledged the situation and if anything was planned to reduce the issues. The answer is YES on both counts. It is the best we can reasonably expect and thanks!