New Route Up At TPR


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Head over to TrainzProRoutes! The route is called Wyoming Coal Fields- it's not prototypical, but has the names of actual towns that it's representing- such as Gillette. This route is not a circular layout, it's fairly large and includes several coal mines, a powerplant, a grain loading silo, and a warehouse or two. Even has a grade to challenge those coal and grain trains! Can be found on the 'Goodies' section on the forum.

Route simulates BNSF and UP.
New Route on TPR

Thanks for the info Trainman12, I also noticed when doing a bit of looking in the "goodies" section, John Keenan's fire sale of unfinished routes, which I never noticed before and have subsequently downloaded, so thanks to you I now have 4 new routes to play with over the Christmas holidays, nice one my friend.

A very Merry Xmas to all Trainzers around the world.

Cheers. ex-railwayman