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Hi gays, tel me please how to setup new passengers in a session or map in the way that all passengers loading and unloading from and to trains and other transportation are the new one?
THanks in advance
Hi Edo,
most stations, invisble stations and passenger enabled cars/wagons will use the new passengers default
when the route/session is brought in TRS22(+). the product replaces the older ones.
greetings GM
Thank you GM but I'd like to know how to set passengers in a route or session in the way that all stations and trains have the same passengers. Actually I merge 2 routes and one has new 2022 passengers and the old one has old english passengers. May I change the config file of every content?
Prod Passenger 2020 will automatically obsolete the following old passenger kuids.
0 <kuid:-3:10060>
1 <kuid:-3:11060>
2 <kuid:-3:11061>
3 <kuid:-3:110060>
4 <kuid:-3:12060>
5 <kuid:-25:1188>
6 <kuid:-25:1235>
7 <kuid:-25:1354>
You can do a delete missing assets which should redo the config table.
As you see in the two images on the bus there are new passengers and in the station the old one. So you suggest to delete missing assets?
I tried to delete passengers kuid in the config file and start deleting missing assets but they result still alive. I don't know how to set new passengers. I need an official procedure step by step!

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Delete the kuids from the config will not work as they get replaced when you open the route. Which two kuids do you have for the sets of passengers?