New loco-CSX New Beginning


TS2010EE SP3; Build 49933
well let me tell you how this loco came about before i show it to ya.:)
i was in MS Word, yea how does this go with Trainz???. well i ws going through the fonts and i cam across the font Symbol. i decided to try it and hello i typed CSX and this is what i got. i cant show it to you. you will see it on the loco.
well i was thinking of what CSX would look like in the future them bing like a light bulb! hey i can use that font for the letters!!:rolleyes:
using a CSX SD40 Model i have i used the normal colors dark blue, yellow and gray, then i added MuttsMoochs paint tutorail. (thank you MuttsMooch this is would not be possible with out you!:eek: )
and here is the result.:D

there still some kinks to get out of it example the color around the letters i cant quite get that right.:eek:
but what you guys think? this will be uploaded to either NATW or T.C.S or the DLS if i cant decided. :confused:
tell me what you think? this will be in a F7 and possible a GP30 scheam. what you think?
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Chi Sigma Xi (Those are the greek letters you have on there). Sounds more like a college fraternity than a railroad company, but whatever floats your boat. :)

Unless Greece took over the USA, I doubt any rail company would adopt the Greek Alphabet as a logo, good concept though.