New England Trainz is Recruiting!


Analog Kid
Howdy folks!

Just wanted to let people know that New England Trainz is looking for new members, who have content creation talent in some form or another. At this point, we're really trying to find 3d modellers, scripters, etc., but skinners (non-paint shed) and route builders are welcome as well. Web designers, and other odd jobs are welcome also. It doesn't matter if you're on another group as we have a no-group discrimination policy. This is a small group with no real deadlines, and is a friendly environment for content creation and hosting where work can be done closely with your peers. You aren't restricted to creating New England-themed content and but it is suggested. If you're a 3d modeller, you will have access to the Pullman-Standard Library (Northeast Edition) as well as other drawings and resources.

So let me know ASAP so I can add you to the member list! :wave:

Jesse DuBois
New England Trainz Founder
I'd like to welcome MuttsMooch to NET! He has just joined and is a welcome addition to the family :)