RubyTMAP (3D Basemap Tool): Should This Project Be Restarted?

So whats the verdict Mike? are you going to go ahead with this idea?


Please be aware: Despite how much of it is 'already working', there is a significant amount of both re-work and new work ahead. Given that the holidays are now approaching as well, I expect this effort to take me through the end of this year. My goal is to have something ready for Beta in January 2014.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support. I will try to provide periodic progress updates.

Pardon the bump, but I'm rather curious as to how this is coming along. You captured my interest very quickly but we haven't heard anything since the end of October.

Thank you!

I have been dealing with some health issues over the last few months and as a result have not had time to work on RubyTMAP. I hope to resume work at some point but at this moment I have no firm time-table to offer.

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I always associate 'Ruby Tmix' with 'Sketchup', & I avoid like the plague, any assets made in 'Sketchup', poly heavy assets
that look better & use less resources when made in 'Blender' or 'GMax'.
TMIX isn't the same as TMAP and does not seem to involve SketchUp at all(?), so I don't see how that^ is relevant?

Anyways, hope you get better, Mike.
Sketchup Make, which is '2014', does still have the 'Add location' feature, and Google Earth continues to be readily accessible as it has always been (at least as far as I can tell).

In terms of RubyTMAP: I must regretfully say that I will not be continuing development of this application. This is mainly due to the imminent arrival of T:ANE as well as my continued health issues. IMHO, TransDEM remains the preferred application for all things DEM-related, particularly since Dr. Ziegler has now added 3D UTM tile generation in Version 2.5.

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Hello Mike, you are right, i have had read that google have stopped this features for trimble i have try it and this work.
sorry for my information above.