new content coming - cathedral


thanks for the memories
Here's a shot of a cathedral that I'm working on. I plan to upload it tomorrow or the next day.

Hi Leeferr,

please do not take my words as an enemy attack, i write with the best will :D:

reconsider to upload this modell, and delay the release until the texturing is not perfect. There are so many parts to correct yet. The roof-texture is now monotonously repeating, just like the wall textures. They do not pass in colour, etc.

You may collect a large nunber of church photos from the web, compare yours to those, and find textures which look more realistic.

Of course i know and understand how excited we are ;) when the modell-mesh is finished, and how do we urge then the texturing. The point dividing toy-models and artistic models is laying exactly here: resist the wish to share MyModel with the others, and invest more time to produce high quality objects... :)

I wish You to choose the second way. Visit the homepage of DmDrake, and check out his models. That should be your goal to achieve...

Cheers and Happy Hollidays:
I don't take it as an attack. I appreciate the comments. I'm not happy with the textures yet either. I'm working on them. Just wanted to get some comments and I appreciate them. I'll be working with the textures some more in the next day or two until I'm happy with them.
I've given some more thought to your comments and although they are valid, with a building of this scale (the side walls are 50 ft high), any material will appear monotonous, espcially a roof surface as expansive as this one. Any masonry wall that is this large will also appear to be monotonous, but I'm continuing to work with it. If you look at pictures of some old cathedrals, they too appear to be monotonous at times except for the proliferation of ornate carvings at doors, windows, spires, pediments, etc. but the roofs can be quite boring at times. I'm continuing to work on it, but be aware that large expanses of a material, depending on the texture, tiling and limits of file sizes while maintaining some detail can be overcoming. The mesh itself is fairly high in polys (about 6500) and I'm trying to work with texture files that won't overwhelm the content file size.
Thanks for your thoughts.
Hello Leeferr,

well, i reconsidered my thoughts and really apologize to cause any disorientation :eek: . Of course, you may go ahead as you want to, and of course you has to decide, how to develop your models :D . My suggestion is (for all creators) to make and use phototextures instead of using texture-tiles ;) .

The 6500 poly is very much above the CCG recommendations. Let us see an example made by our small group, FMA (you may find us on the hungarian trainz-site, HO TTrainz)


Our cathedral is over 150 feet high, and includes cca. 200 (two-hundred) polygons.

However do not hesitate to make your own model, and to upload it to the DLS. The cathedral in the example is not our first model, and we had our learning process as well...

PS: Our cathedral is not available yet, due to the lack of the nightmode and the spare-time :mad: to finish it.

time is always a problem. I'm assuming the your cathedral's height is from base to the top. Mine is about 110 ft from base to top. My polygon count comes mostly from the pilasters and buttresses. Although it raises poly counts, I prefer actual 3d's in lieu of applied textures for the 3d look. As a result, my models are not for all machines, but I tend to be more detailed than I should. It's the architect in me I guess. Once I delete the hidden faces, hope it will drop quite a bit. I'll post another picture if I can get it close to where I want it.

Best wishes to you.
Very nice workmanship. I'm glad to hear that you're working hard to reduce hidden polygons. These days too many creators rely on heavy machine power rather than cleaning up the mesh, so I can't use them on my older computer. I miss out on some great assets.
I'm looking forward to finding this on the DLS.

:cool: Claude
I've changed some of the textures and think it looks a lot better, but still not 100% satisfied with it yet. I'm also still trying to get the poly count down, but the pilaster, buttresses and curved roof sections are going to make it tough to get it much lower. I'll try to get a shot up of where I am so far.
nice work leefer, you are making some great content, i have found good use for many of your buildings on my routes:)
thanks Dave. Hope it will be even better before I release. I don't really want to rush it. I'd like to be pleased with the final result before releasing as I'm sure that you agree. After I get it where I want it, I plan to do a reskin of it in brick.
Well, I've been ill the last couple of days, but here's the final result as I have uploaded it to the DLS.
thanks for everyone's comments.