New Computer no Trainz


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I just got a new computer ( Mac) and I did a migration and my Trainz did not move over. I have trying to locate my original disk to no avail. Is there any way I could get it back.
Your PC version of Trainz won't run on a Macintosh (Unless you set the Mac up for Emulation, but thats probably more trouble then its worth). You'll have to buy the Mac Version. I think they're on Trainz Mac 2 (Or second major release). You will be able to use the same assets, so you can either pull all the CDP's off your PC and move them or Download them all again from the DLS/websites, or a combination of both.

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Are you saying you tried to copy your Mac version from one Mac to another, or your Windows PC to the Mac? If you are going from an older Mac to a new one, there might be a disk issue, but if you're going from a PC to a Mac as Falcus said, this is two different animals. The Mac runs OS/x which is a version of Linux based on BSD, and the PC runs MS Windows. The file systems are incompatible directly so no data can be seen, and even if you could see the data the programs won't work because their binary data is different. It would be like speaking English in a totally foreign speaking country - no one would understand you and vice versa.

Is there a way around this? Sure. On the Mac there are two possibilities to run your existing TS2010 version. They both require a copy of Windows. If you want a full PC partition, which will turn your Mac into a fancy PC install Boot Camp. This will create a separate partition which you can then install Windows and create a full working PC that you can install TS2010 on. This means you will lose a big hunk of your hard drive to Windows, however, the performance is decent.

The alternative is to use a Virtual Machine. A VM is basically a special, usually very large file, that contains all the code to emulate the computer hardware. You then install Windows once the virtual machine is built, and it runs just like a PC, however, there is no need to lose a big chunk of disk. There are advantages and disadvantages with this, with one of the bigger disadvantages being performance. Since the VM is emulated, the information has to be translated from Windows to native Apple OSx code. There is a bit of a cost in performance associated with this, and in addition there is also the fact that the data is read from a file and not directly from the disk its self. You also need the proper graphics drivers too for the VM, which can be difficult, but anyway this is becoming less of an issue today than it was previously. There are a couple of companies that come in mind for Virtual Machine technology on the Mac. For free you might want to look at Oracle's Virtual Box This can be a bit geeky to setup, being an Oracle product but it's not bad once you get the hang of it. The alternative, which is relatively inexpensive, is from Parallels which is highly recommended due to their graphics support.
Its Mac to Mac. I got a new machine and the did a time machine transfer and some stupid reason a few of my programs and games did not transfer, they said I need a newer version. Well I been looking for my original Trainz disk to do a reinstall but I can't find that so I think I'm screwed.
Assuming you have both Macs, network them and copy Trainz across. If you have a router it should be relatively easy.
I found my original serial number. Can I go and from where do I download Trainz for Mac and use my serial number