New Computer in the works.


I am now buying parts to build my next and probably my last at my age computer. I have got the new case Lancool 216 and Super Flower 850w platinum power supply. I have my eye on an Asus Z690-E Rog Strix and then I'll go from there. I just have an old Dell that is about 15 years old with a 2GB card so time to upgrade. I have done this years ago so I should be ok doing it again, just a little different with so many different types and have to match this with that and so on so they work together. I can't wait to get it all here, just getting one thing a month until I get it all. Wish me luck, lol.
Try this Y Tube link, the Guy who does his rebuilds gives out a lot of info, which I think would help you out before you put yours together.

Probably need to check out his older Videos, they might have something more similiar to what your building. ;)

Wishing you good luck. :wave:
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Jayz channel is awesome. I too recommend it as well. He makes the building process look so easy. :)