New backup questions never thought of before.


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Isn't it possible just to make a copy of the entire NV3 Games folder to an external HDD?

Whenever Trainz is installed buy disk, an NV3 folder is created housing all the Trainz content.

Let's say my PC died and I wanted to reinstall Trainz 12 with all my saved Route/Session work.

Couldn't I just simply copy the entire folder back into Programs (x86) where this is installed
in Win 7 by default using the Train disk?

My subscribed cloud backup service would then automatically back all my Trainz stuff in the cloud
in case my home office ever went up in smoke, Lord forbid.
Put simply, yes. You can even run it from another disk if you set up the shortcut. Other than the file associations all the other registry entries are created on starting the game.
Yes and no.

As with most complex programs you can't just up and move the entire program folder. If you want to move the Trainz folder, you'll need to reinstall it at the new location. Some folks around here might advise you not to install into Program Files, as Windows applies additional restrictions to these folders for security. The good news is most of Trainz's files cannot and are not meant to be user modified, so all you need to backup is the UserData folder. As mentioned in your previous thread depending on your usage this can get quite big. But at the end of the day you can backup and drop this folder into a new TS12 installation. Upon next startup there will be an automatic Quick Database Repair, after which you will find all your content intact.

Actually, Nicky it works quite fine without any need to touch the registry or do any kind of database repair. I have done this over and over for many PC reinstalls and even have used my backup copy of TS12 on my laptop via my much slower external drive.

With TS12 on its own hard drive, away from the system and boot drive, there is no need for me to worry about reinstalling Trainz and service packs once the system has been reinstalled. I simply go in and associate CDPs with TS12 and place my shortcuts on my desktop for TS12 Launcher and one for Content Manager which I run separately anyway.

That said, periodically I have had to go back and do a reinstall, and I will then have to go through the gamut of installing and copying data back in from the recent full backups.

I wish all programs worked this way.

I agree with John, Nicky. I have 4 complete TS2012 installs on an external 4TB USB drive. I use them to check out a few things that I don't want to become part of my regular install. I simply copy the entire, installed folder. One of my installations is a "virgin" copy with nothing but built-in items that come with the game. Using a cloned copy of that folder lets me check a route I intend to upload to see if I've forgotten anything.

Likewise same as John here, never installed any version of Trainz on my second PC, just copied the existing install to the other PC and set up the shortcut and file association. Registry entries, what there are are created on launching the game.
Well, learned something new today, thanks guys. Good news it despite all its faults, I've never had to reinstall TS12 ever after patching it to 49922, unlike cough*fsx*cough. It just keeps going.
There is all sorts of things you can do to FSX, Nicky. A free program called Airport Design Editor, by Scruffy Duck lets you create an infinite number of airports wherever you want them worldwide. Between that and the thousands of planes to be had, you can keep yourself amused for years on proven software.