Network Rail / BBC Top Gear level crossing safety message (Video)


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Network Rail / BBC Top Gear level crossing safety message - Series 9 / Episode 5
(Originally broadcast on BBC Two 25th February 2007)

In this episode, broadcast on BBC Two, on 25th February 2007, Clarkson did a public service video about Level Crossings. The segment was criticised due to the Cumbria train crash that had happened only 2 days prior to this Top Gear episode being broadcast, even though it was not caused by a track incursion. The reconstruction, which was organised by Network Rail as part of its Don't Run The Risk campaign, was criticised by several people, including Anthony Smith, chief executive of the rail watchdog 'Passenger Focus' who said: "We need to raise awareness of the issue, but now is not the right time.However, this item had already been delayed several weeks because of an earlier fatal level crossing crash, and with only one programme remaining in the series and the frequency of level crossing accidents, it may have been considered that there was no "appropriate" time to show the film without "offending" somebody. A repeat of the episode was due to be aired on 1 March 2007 was not broadcast after another death on a level crossing earlier that morning.The episode was replaced with a "Best of Top Gear" episode.