Need Help with Adding Station Announcement Sounds!!


Hello Everyone

I'm currently trying to add sounds to my route by adding the trigger to the track, using the "trigger check" rule, and adding the "play sound" as a child rule. I cloned one of the HTML Assets, added my wav files and commit the asset.

But when I start the session and drive the train pass the trigger, no sound!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Thank You
Sounds like a debugging exercise is needed:-

The first thing you need to establish is whether or not the train is actually activating the trigger you have set.

I do not know how much experience you have had with track triggers and session rules but you may want to check the Trainz Wiki page at

Next check that the Play Sound rule is correctly set and is working. I have never used the Play Sound rule but I would use the Message Popup Rule instead (which does allow sounds to be added). That way there will be a visual indication (even if the message just says "Activated") that both the rules have been activated.

I added the Message Popup Rule and the message shows as the train hits the trigger. I also added the sound but the sound did not play.

I cloned the Amtrak NEC Announcement Package and created my own package with my own wav files. I might have to test which sound does play.

Any suggestions?
So the trigger and the rigger rule are working. Do other sounds work in the game in general?

Since the message popup appeared but no sound played than I would suspect a sound hardware problem but if other sounds are working in Trainz then that would not be the case.

I would suspect a problem with the specific sound or sounds you have created.

Compare your sounds against the Trainz standard shown at