Need help with A320 problem?


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I downloaded the A320 from the DLS to use on a route I'm building. I set up a test layout to learn how the A320 works. I have a circular track on a single baseboard. I placed a 160 kph speed sign in front of the A320. I have several problems I hope you can help me with.

1. The wheels appear in Surveyor but do not appear in Driver.

2. When running in DCC mode the plane never exceeds 20 kph even though the max speed is 160 kph.

I verified that I have all dependencies loaded. I emailed the A320 builder but have not had a reply. Does anyone have experience with the A320 that can help me.

Earl White(aka Apogee10)
I just downloaded it also. Had to fix a missing boggie that didn't download. I set up an oval on a one baseboard layout and added three signals so the AI driver knew he had a clear track.

The first thing the AI driver did was raise the landing gear. Then after one lap it had a speed of only 23mph. It took 5 laps and 8 minutes to get to 122 mph. That is still too slow for an airbus. Guess the engine spec needs tweaking.

The thing with the landing gear though I don't know where to look for this. I know that when driving electrics the AI driver raises the pantograph before starting. I don't know if this is in a script or what.
I probably have the same problem with the landing gear. By the time I get the camera zoomed in the gear has been raised. The gear is classed as a pantograph. I could not locate a script with the download and the plane needs a script to raise the gear after takeoff. It should raise the gear at a trackmark on takeoff and lower at another upon landing. I have not worked with engine specs but will take a look and read the Content Creation Guide on engine configs.

Maybe I will hear from the author. If I do I will post again.

The max speed in DCC mode is set by the maxspeed value in the enginespec. The max speed is set for 56 meters/sec or 201.6 kph.

I just flew in a route with an airplane track and got 200 kph in DCC manual control but extemely slow acceleration in AI. I have Vulcans Super Puma helicopter which flys good in AI so used CMP to edit the A320 config.txt file to change the enginespec to that of the Super Puma which is kuid2:60238:51007:1 and also increased the mass of the A320 to 50000. It now flys at about 180 kph and has good acceleration in AI.

Mass is changed in the A320 config, not the engine spec. I changed the kuid no of the enginespec in the A320 config from kuid 75962:51000 to kuid2 60238:51007:1. I did not make any other changes and the A320 runs nicely under AI control. Further tweaks might make it run even better.

Thanks rweber95 for the suggestion.