Nebraska Flooding


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Nebraska is under water. Anyone heard or seen pictures of how the railyard in North Platte is doing? I am thinking it should be OK, although the town is getting flooded. I am curious because I have not heard or seen anything about the railyards.
Trains are inanimate objects, machinery on a transportation industry ... I'm sure they will be OK, as they are used to getting wet ... My sister lives in western NE panhandle, and once when they got softball size hail, she stood in the middle of the house, and could only watch as they rebounded off the ground outside, and each and every window in her house came crashing in ... I don't know how an entire relatively large town as hers regroups, when every car in town looks like it was beat up with multiple baseball bats, and each and every car windows are busted ... what do you do ?

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North Platte is fine the flooding is in the eastern part of my state. They did get some heavy snows in the North Platte area but seen to be rebounding fine. The Union Pacific mainline has problems in From the Columbus Nebraska area eastwards, The BNSF has problems from Lincoln Nebraska to Omaha and On the Line from Ashland to Plattsmouth. The Nebraska Central has problems with their line from Columbus to Norfolk.
The same storm system hit my location also, it was all snow blizzard cyclone and wind. 100mph direct winds, knocked down a 8 foot section of my wood fence, and blew the chimney ash/rain steel cover (50lbs) off my chimney top, right into the street, bent it all up too. It was bolted onto the chimney too. Must have gotten loose from heat expansion/contraction.

The wall that was getting the brunt of the direct wind was slightly shaking at times...

But my greenhouse survived perfectly fine. (although I did put in 8 mortared-in poles that were sold as pound into the ground mounts, but i knew better, lots of wind here.) (colorado)


The double pane panels rattled lots, but the metal frame was rock solid! No panels came loose, neither did the clips that held them in place. The doors rattled lots also, so I placed some wood against them.
I normally bungee the top windows closed when not in use, otherwise the wind makes them rattle from the small clearance their arms allow, im sure they would have been trying to open without bungees!
I was in the middle of trying to find a long enough screw to shore up the fence, but it blew down before I could get out there!
When I was out there, I couldn't stand at times, was being pushed so hard, I was skiing/sailing? for a few feet on the snow/ice/rain covered grass.

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I hope nothing happened to the UP rail-yard in Cheyenne, Wyo, UP loco #4014 has a hot date on may 4th 2019.
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One more that I forgot, BNSF from Ashland to Sioux City has Problems nostly in the Freemont to Hooper area. Yesterday BNSF ran a 9 unit general freight On their main line threw Ashland to test the flooded areas. Their is a video on youtube.
There was a picture on the news sites today of a couple of BNSF locos pulling a freight consist and the locos were sitting in the water. It did not say if it was sitting there because of the signal in front of it or if it was waiting to be pulled out backwards.....
When areas are flooded, or are severely saturated, trains oftentimes derail on mooshy roadbed, traction motors short out in any standing water ... surely the MOW dept is inspecting all sorts of potential weakness in roadbeds nationwide