Nature Screenshots! (BIG and NUMEROUS pictures!)


The focus here isn't the trains, but rather the scenery. Show off your forests, beaches, deserts, and everything in between! :D

Oh, and feel free to post images as big as your heart's content. ;)

From my WIP DEM of the Birmimgham Metro Area, I decided to try to emulate the real-time weather. (It looked like that 15 minutes ago when I took the shot, too!) :D


Sorry if there's a thread like this already, I didn't find one when I looked.

Happy posting! :wave:
There is one like this I made, called "Scenic Screenshots". It's for some reason been ignored, so it's on the gloomier screenshots pages. :(
Theres a lot of talent that hangs around here... All the shots are wonderful, but sabertooth, that second one is simply magnificent! :eek: Its a very "moody" shot, well done!

Just a little one from me......:hehe:

Sorry, cannot get onto Photobucket, so I've had to use another free hosting site, apologies for all the free adverts, I cannot turn them off unfortunately.

Cheerz. ex.

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It wouldn't hurt to bump this thread. I always thought there were some good shots in here...

Some of you may have already seen these in my personal screenshot & video thread...but it wouldn't be fair to not have it here:p


Those are fantastic shots there! I love how you made the raft, very clever. :D

Spike, may I ask the names of those fall trees? I just did a search on the DLS and didn't find anything, I assume they're on another site.

Dietrich :)