How to Post Screenshots - Step by Step

Hi Trainz people,

Does anybody know if you can host and share screenshots on google drive?


Hi wpsoft, you may have already figured out if this is possible, but my guess is yes it is. Assuming google drive allows public linking to image files of course. As long as it is a publicly available url to the image it should work.

A quick google came up with this help from google (includes sharing publicly)

Good luck.
Whammo, I have created a How-To Make a Screen Shot in the Trainz Wiki. I think it would be very useful to take your detailed description here and add it to that page or link it to a new "Help:Create a Screen Shot" page. I am willing to do the work. May I have your opinion? Presently, the wiki page has a link to this Forum thread.
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.. addition ..
.. when your screenshot on your pc is hosted by trainz gallery, my own website, google drive, postimg or otherways, rightclick on that image and "copy image" .. paste it in your post ... so, no url-copy needed ..
for example : i copied an image (= hosted screenshot) from the 1st post and pasted it here = ppp (pasting posted pic)

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So I was wondering if there's a folder where I can find my screenshots that I took in Trainz and copy and paste the image into another folder and then up to the Trainz Portal from there
I was just describing what I use in the hope it may help others who are struggling perhaps with getting their screenshots posted. I was not aware of some of the other tools (imgur and bandicam I have heard of, but have no direct experience with) I'll have to look into those other tools. Thanks.

Thanks for the posting. This was helpful. I don't have TRS19 yet but what would you recommend for TS12. Where and how can I get a screenshot in that version?

- RR70
I know this is in response to an older post, but @Railroarder1970, the main difference is where the screenshots are located. In TANE versions it is located in a location similar to here (at least on windows pcs):

C:\Users\<your pc user name>\AppData\Local\N3V Games\TANE\build 9cl61wrg1\screenshots

You can get your screenshots from there, or alternatively from within the game using the in-game upload process.

In TRS2019 it can be found here instead:

C:\Users\<your pc user name>\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs19\build hwged3ya1\screenshots

The build number in the path may be slightly different, but essentially this should get you the correct location.
I can post images, but would like to know if there is a way to reduce the size of the posted image using Insert Image method. Sort of like a 'preview' that doesn't take up a whole lot of space in the post but lets users click on the image to see it fill size.