Narrow Gauge & Standard Gauge Island Route Project


"I Lay Tracks"
This is a new forum post for a route I am working on in Trainz 12. The route is located on a fictional island in the Pacific Ocean. It will have Narrow Gauge(NG)& Standard Gauge(SG) railway lines. The SG Line will trasport passengers and freight trains and the NG lines will go to and from mines and loging camps. Screenshots of the line are now posted. I need to add more terain, texters and more SG and NG lines.

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awesome, will be sure to check it out whenever you've finished it. I'm working on a route of my own based on an old one that i dunno where the heck it went.
First, the track you're using seems REALLY outdated. If you search up Pencil42 as an author on the DLS, you'll find he's made some NG track himself. And it's pretty high-quality too. There's also some good SG track available at Jointed Rail, but you'll need to sign up first. Don't worry, signup is free. So is the track.

There's also some wooden bridges on the DLS under the author colorado71. They're really nice, and they'd look right at home on your route.

Also, try holding [ and ] when placing textures. This will rotate them, as otherwise they look very pattern-like due to the way Trainz hand;es textures-placement.

I will say, though, what you have currently looks pretty good from a track-work and geography standpoint. I've always loved loved mountainous logging short-lines like this, and i think they're kinda under-represented in Trainz. it's nice to see a new route-builder join the fray.

Just some advice from your neighborhood cynic.
Thanks for the advice.:) I will try the wooden bridges and rotate the textures. The track will need to stay as is because I have used it a lot already.
There is a "replace assets" tool, just click "Main Menu" in surveyor, and select it from the drop-down menu. This route looks very promising, and It will be interesting to follow. Also, searching the DLS for stuff can turn up interesting results, so feel free to try that instead of using the old built-in assets.
First of all, I'M NOT DEAD! It's been 3 to 4 months and I have not been updateing this post because I have been busy. But I have done some work on my route. I will post some screen shots soon, just bare with me.
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The screen shots say it all! I've added 2 different track gauges so I have a total number of 5 track gauges, including, standard, 3ft, 2ft, 42in, and 30in gauge. And I am going to add 2 more! (5ft and 15in.) The route will be finished hopefully by the end of this summer. To the monitors: Can you move this thread to freeware announcements or genaral trainz? Thanks.

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At the place with the long bridge that barely goes off the shore, I think they would have just curved the track onto the land there. Narrow gauge lines weren't fond of spending money.
The pre-beta of the route is on the DLS! Search for "Railway Island Pre-BETA V1.0" <KUID:427334:100224>

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Hello people of the Trainz Community! I've been out of the community for a wile and I'm just getting back in. This project has taken longer then expected so I don't know when the route will be 100% finished. But I'm still working on it. When I get a chance, I will upload more screen shots. Back in October, I uploaded the Pre-BETA/ALFA version of the route on the DLS. Search: "Railway Island Pre-BETA V1.0". I also have another route in the works.