NG coal handling equipment


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I'm looking to build a fairly large UK/European gasworks set in probably the 1950s/1960s and would like to have a narrow gauge railway system to take coal from river barges to the main retorts where the coal was converted to gas and also to take coke out from the retorts to my standard gauge exchange sidings for transfer to other parts of my route. I'm looking for a coal tippler or loader that works with NG, probably NG24 (2' or 600 mm) as there is a lot of great rolling stock such as John Whelan's recent coal mine tubs and various other wagons by Malc, Ed, Graham and others. A coal unloader would also be useful. I can hopefully use the Industry Link object to link the loaders with the BI3 object I will be making for the gasworks. Any suggestions are most welcome as NG industrial railways are new to me.

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My current project is narrow gauge (3ft 6in) and I use normal industry assets. These are not gauge specific. The industry track, supplied as part of the asset, will automatically set itself to match the track type (and gauge) of any track that is attached to it.

The only gauge specific assets that I use are turntables.