Generic Narrow Gauge?


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Does anybody know of any good generic 3ft gauge locomotives?

I'm working on a fictional route currently and am looking for some motive power to fill it. The problems I am finding is most of the NG content out there is a bit too prototypical for the niche I am looking to fill. While I do love the content from TrainzForge, Togog, Prowler901 and among others, I'm looking for something that's not as "iconic" as one would normally think of when it comes to 3ft lines, like DRGW/EBT/WPY/URY...

I've reskinned some DRGW/EBT content in the past to make do, however, these assets still feel too prototypical to their respective lines. Sure, I could play off that the equipment was sold off to other roads instead of being scrapped, but, I'm wanting something that's "originally native" to the RR I am working on.

I'm currently looking at bdaneal's 30in equipment since they look the part of the roles I am wanting to fill, however, these are 30in and I am looking for 3ft (also, no offense to bdaneal, those older 30in locos could use a refresher overhaul to play better with TRS19/22... floating coal loads, some chunky looking wheels etc.) I would ideally use a mallet or a mikado to fill these rolls, since there is a bit of grades and some tight corners to negotiate through.

Anybody know of anything out there that might work? Anybody have an idea on what bogies I could use to swap out on the 30in equipment so I can make a hodgepodge 3ft loco?
Look on Trainzone, I believe there are some generic 36 locos there made by narrowgauge. Trainzitalia has some mallets I believe. You have to sign up to get access to the free downloads.
Appreciate the leads. Thank y'all for the info

Sirgibby/Trainzone/Narrowgauge is more geared to logging, and I'm looking more for conventional rod-type locos.

Imma keep thinking on what options that are out there