N/A Looking for some people to start a new MPS build with.


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I'm looking at starting a new MPS build server and was wondering if anyone would like to join in from the start.

I'm in Canada on east coast and think it would be a great time to meet some other fellow players. I haven't been on TRainz 19 for a while and am just getting back into it. I'm no master builder or anything but would like to start something that would just keep evolving for the long term.

I have another buddy who will be joining once he renews his membership, we would just like to meet some other great members of the community. Were looking for an older mature crowd to build and play with. nothing series but want to build something nice.

let me know if anyone is interested thanks!

Chtěl bych získat do Trainz New Era, nějakou českou mapu, ale v stahování není. Prosím o radu. Ty co jsou ke stažení mi nejdou stáhnout. Po pokusu o stažení mi to napíše, že nemám registrovanou verzi. Já ji, ale registrovanou mám. Prosím o radu. Odpověď prosím na email: jindrich.moskovsky@seznam.cz

S pozdravem Moskovský.

ps: předem děkuji za opovědi.
Howdy i would be interested in helping. im in canada on the west coast. ive built some routes. like detail and ideas. i know the cn rail lines and cp lines back east are quite nice. new foundland railways would be sweet to build. using a transdem file would be dope.
Heya - I am in the Pacific Northwest and would love to join a small group of enthusiasts like me!

PM me if you still are looking for route buddies!