my layouts in to A New Era


I have redownload some my old layouts i made from older version trainz. when i try to load them into A New Era my layouts don't show nothing. how do i get them to work
I wouldn't worry to much about old routes until N3V gives out the release version. Many things are broken, not activated or not set up to do old assets yet. They will be fixed in next 7 weeks. :)
Very old maps (TRS2004? and older) often don't load correctly in newer versions of Trainz (TS2009 and later). The following procedure is usually successful:
- install the map (and all dependencies) in TRS2006
- slightly modify the map in surveyor (rotate a tree)
- save the modified map
- export the modiifed map as a cdp file (using CMP)
- import the cdp file in the new version of Trainz
Using this method I've been able to install the Montana Rail Link route from TPR in TS12.

Currently TANE-CE builtins are far less than TS12. Until such time as N3V decides what of the remainder will be TANE retail builtin, then they are in the missing dependencies category.

Those that are not ultimately TANE Retail builtins will need to be uploaded to DLS prior to Retail release if TS12 backwards compatability is to be achieved.