Multiples user per train

Greeeting all. I hope your all doing alright. Im very excited to tell you guys that i am close to a release of my amfleet coaches. Im thinking of a DLS release on the 12th of May. However my coaches are designed to be operated by multiple users (at once) while an engineer operates at the head end, just like a real amtrak crew. I understand that at this time multiplayer only works with one user per train. I have perposed that trainz make it so that there may be 2 or 3 users per train operating as a crew. I am willing to dig-in and try and make this possible but i dont really know where to start. Ive searched the native scripts for multiplayer code and im not sure if that is even where it would have to be implemented to start. Please lmk what you think. I dont have much scripting knowledge but im started to get a handle on it and im willing to try and experiment. I feel that this is possible and would really make trainz more realistic and fun. Im not sure if this is the place to post this.. please move as you see fit.
This would be really cool for helper operations on Mojave if an updated version was released with a multiplayer session. Right now, Trainz won't let users couple up to other users and assist them up the hill, removing some functionality. I realized this in KSC2 when I had a test helper operation on the hill from Arsao Village to Oyonix, as it's a 4% grade in places. Having this functionality would make the helper ops possible.
Goodmorning just following up on this. Ive looked through the multiplayer native scripts but didn't see anything pertaining to train claiming. Are there other scripts that control multiplayer user behavior??
Greetings! I am following up on this. Also is this the right place for this thread? If not please move as you see fit. This is very important to me and i am willing to work to accomplish this.
Hello all. I am following up on this thread. Im not necessarily asking for n3v to make this happen but rather for guidance as to if its possible and if so where to start looking to modify/add code for this. And in simplest term my goal it to allow for more than 1 user to be assigned to a train in multi‐player.
I would like to follow up again. This would add a great deal of realism to trainz. Not sure of the game engine is compatible with this. Please lmk if there is anything i can do to further this along (i.e research and development) im willing to do what it takes i just don't know where to start..

Here are some ideas for functionality. The session host could be responsible for assigning/removing crew users for trains incase there are players who would like to operate solo. Or perhaps it could be a first come first serve basis with the first person who claims a train as the engineer(as it is now) and the second user as the conducter who asked to engineer to be a park of his/her crew. The first user (engineer) would then have to power at anytime to remove/add to his crew.

Concerns that have been brough up so far:

"This would be boring for the guard (Conductor).."

This is aimed toward trainz users who would like to play more Prototypically. Trains do not operate without at least a Conductor and an engineer with the engineer running the controls while the Conductor reminds him of speed restrictions, work zones, communicates with dispatch and remains vigilant for visible defects. This could sounds boring for most trainz users but again this is something that a user could do only if they choose as a user would only be assigned as the second user of a train if he asked to be. Otherwise players will allways have the option to operate solo just like how we do now.

"It could be confusing if two users are trying to control the same locomotive..."

Players of the same train should communicate over chat or some other communication service like teamspeak. roles and expectations should be clearly communicated by the user who selected the train first. If the second user does not want to comply the second user should select and run their own train.

"What if users fight over control of a train?"

First come first serve. The user who first selects a train will have the power to remove or add user to his/her train

"Could the server's handle more users on one train"

To my knowledge there is a cap to how many users can play on a single server. The cap would still be observed only instead of 20 or so user moving 20 trains arround a map there could be 20 or so users moving 10 trains arround a map which, correct me if im wrong, is better for the server anyway as less train movement needs to be accounted for.

Please feel free to ask questions, voice concerns amd give suggestions. Im am trying my utmost to get some traction on this.