Multi Industry New


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I am trying to put Multi Industry New on my railroad but have encountered a problem.

The industry I am trying to get to work is a Concrete Block and Tile factory. It is served by one track so I am using one MIN with three cues, two to unload and one to load.

I have a gravel pit that loads cars with "gravel with sand" with no problems.

I have a cement vendor that loads "cement bags on pallet" with no problems.

When either of these cars are spotted at the Concrete Block & Tile factory, I get "A non fatal script error occurred" message as folllows:

Stack Dump:

function $void @ multipleindustrynew:: perform stoppedload(vehicle,string), line - 1

function $void @ baseindustry:: perform stopped(vehicle,string)line 443

I have read the MIN tutorial by nightcrawler and can not figure out what the problem is.

Any clues as to what it might be?
Try again.

I find that MIN will always fail the first time. Just clear out the numbers and click the Green Check. Open MIN again and put your numbers back in.
thanks sw1500.

It worked.

Got to love Trainz2006, with all its little quirks.
Hi Dap,

Going by the error message, make sure you have the correct wagon/vehicle assigned to the correct product on the Products tab.

The error is saying something about vehicle and load, so that is my guess.

If you can, post up screenshots of the Queues, Tracks, Processes and Products tabs, I will have a look at them for you and see if I can see the problem.

Edit: Never mind, good to hear you have it working... :)