Mouse and map


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I just downloaded SP1 yesterday and there seems to be a mouse/map change.

When im in a cab and i want to go to the map i click the map button. I find where i want to go and it seems i cant get out of the train and look at the objects on the map. Everytime i click out of the map it goes back to the train. Even though the train is not "green" on the map, i keep going back to it.

the only way i can get away from my train to view a city or industry is to go into free mode and try and find my way there. if i click on map it takes me back to the train.

What gives?
This was a requested feature that was put into TRS06 IIRC. It isn't a 'fault', that I know of, just something that was requested, so Auran put it in.
I guess the only way around it is to just use the "Find" button and go looking for stuff. Maybe i just dont know the map well enough yet. Just makes it hard to explore.