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Jr should make uncovered coil cars for bnsf sp conrail csx bn atsf and etc. And also more sets of ttx maxi car sets like bran sp bnsf cmo etc. Hope someone grants my wish because I prefer more r oadnames on the maxi car set rather than the singles. Though the single car units are great but like maxi car 3 sets better.
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"Please" and "thank you" go much further than "should" and "don't like".
Because the way content creators will see your request, all they'll get out of it is that you're pretty much demanding these new models while condemning an existing one from the same people you're requesting from.

Please be kind when making a request for someone to make something, and try not to also say you don't like their content in the same post. There's about a 0% chance of them ever wanting to make that for you if you trash their other content in the process.

Please be kind when making a request for someone to make something, and try not to also say you don't like their content in the same post. There's about a 0% chance of them ever wanting to make that for you if you trash their other content in the process.
didn't mean to sound like that I'm at work and was sending that message in a hurry didn't mean to bash anyone should have worded that better but yeah lol
If I knew how to make them myself I would trust me I like learning especially when it comes to trainz or simulator games any help would be appreciated thanks
You'd typically associate bad spelling with being in a hurry, not bad attitude.

Regardless, there is good news for Shaun. Creating additional road names can be as easy as painting over a new color or pasting a vector logo on top of an existing one - better known as a "reskin".
Ok people who are criticising me my bad for being normal human being I'm not good at wording things sometimes so get off my back please. And I'm not good at doing reskins sorry but will someone be nice enough to help me if not ill close the thread. N thank you for directing me to those websites.
Well, just in an attempt to balance the scales a little, I would point out that if you're texting in a hurry on your phone, you're probably using Auto-Spell, which is probably doing the correct spelling, but I have yet to see one with things like "Sarcastic Mode" "Passive Agressive Mode" "Shameless Flattery Mode" or other such abilities to help you tailor your message's over all Inflections.....

That said, as someone else noted, probably not a good idea to be posting on forums from your phone in the first place. I drive school bus for a living, and between almost running cell phone users over because they don't see the big giant 15 ton yellow bus festooned with Bright Lights they're stepping out in front of (This has happened to me personally, TWICE), and the idiots on the road on their cell phones weaving better then almost any drunk I've ever seen behind the wheel, Im very much a proponent of "Cell Phone Etiquette"......

That said, @Nicky:
Are you gonna post this in the thread? I'd be interested in reading it if so, maybe I'll figure out where I keep going wrong with reskins.....

1. Locate the cars in CM. I'll use kuid2:4524:300010:1 (TTX 53 Maxi-IV A) as an example.
2. Right click, clone it. This is a good habit, in case you mess things up you still have the original intact.
3. CM should automatically display the clone. Press CTRL+SHIFT+E.
4. Open the mesh body folder, and open the map1.tga file. (Ta-da, here's where all the fun bits happen.)

You edit this just like you would any digital image or photograph. If this was 10 years ago you could even get away with using Microsoft Paint. Let's use this BNSF set as an example, it's not exact but it'll do for now.

A big part of texture work is research and sourcing. Please don't use an airbrush to paint your logo like some people do. We need a proper one, which I've found here. Save the image. Now, you see, the reference image calls for a white logo, not orange and black, so we need to process this first. Open the logo in GIMP.

Color range, select white/negative space, delete. Color overlay > white, don't preserve luminosity. Save as PNG.*


The reference image also calls for "BNSF ######" numbering. This JR car has automated running numbers (ARN). If you're reskinning a unique car you can remove ARN altogether and skin 1 car number. However we'll leave that intact for now - it's pretty advanced stuff. We're going to remove the black rectangle and replace DTTX with BNSF. You'll need the appropriate font, which I've found here. Use that font also to replace the A/B/C set markings.

Copy orange, paste over black, clone edges.*
Patch tool DTTX text, type BNSF over it.*


Ok, so far so good, but the color's all wrong though. It should be dark red.

Adjustment layer > black and white > maximum white. New layer, paint red, blending mode multiply.*

There, done.
*Quick notes. WIP.
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Nicky, that's a very nice description of how to reskin you started there. I'm even going to give it a try! Thanks!
Thanx a lot I will do that when I get time next week since its thanksgiving holiday in all. But will definitely do that next Monday or Tuesday and see how it turns out.
I'm in agreement with rrfoose... This is probably the single most productive request thread I've ever personally read. And all Thanks to you Nicky.....

Pics would be great if you get the chance and are still so inclined. After that, only thing I could suggest would be to make a sticky somewhere with these instructions.