railways in nutshells

Heres something i posted on the T:ANE steam discussions board awhile back, after abit of thought i have decided to post the 2 railways in nutshells on the forums for more folks to see and (hopefully) laugh at. :)

Amtrak: Thats a nice charter train you have there, would be a shame if somthing were to happen to it.

BNSF: just admit it, our locomotives look like giant, 394,000 lb peanut butter cup wrapers

CSX: No heritage units, no steam, no fun.

SP: oil burners, oil burners everywhere

NS: today, the american east coast, tomorrow, the continent MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

UP: Come over.
Railfan: i cant, i am looking at NS heritage units
UP:im restoring a big boy
railfan: *car door shut, sound of car speeding away.