Mojave Content Expansion II


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I am trying to find out what assets come with Mojave Content Expansion II and whether or not i need to purchase it. Reason his when I was going thru one of my old hard drives I got working I stunbled across this:
Mojave Content Pack 1a.cdp which contains
<kuid:37581:1045>, Nathan P3 New Cast
<kuid:37581:1072>, Nathan OCP3 #2
<kuid:37581:1139>, EMD 2 Axle Flexicoil
<kuid2:37581:1221:2>, Generic 4-Axle Wheelsound
<kuid2:37581:1498:2>, EMD 12-645E diesel engine sounds
<kuid:37581:1499>, EMD 10 Blade SW Paper 48 Radiator Fan
<kuid2:45324:645:2>, SD45 engine
<kuid2:45324:4150:1>, SW1500 engine
<kuid2:45324:4307:1>, B30-7 engine
<kuid2:45324:6402:3>, SD40-2 engine
<kuid2:45324:10100:3>, Ditchlight
<kuid2:45324:10101:3>, Red Corona
<kuid2:45324:10103:3>, Green Corona
<kuid2:45324:10104:3>, Lunar Corona
<kuid2:45324:10110:4>, Strobe Flare
<kuid2:45324:10116:2>, flame
<kuid2:45324:50215:2>, FB-2 gray AMTK
<kuid2:45324:50221:3>, Flexicoil M SP
<kuid2:45324:50223:2>, HTC bogey SD40 SP
<kuid2:45324:50230:2>, Barber-Bettendorf Truck 5in × 9in Brg 33in wheels
<kuid2:45324:50231:2>, Barber-Bettendorf Truck 5in × 9in Brg 33in wheels & Generator
<kuid2:45324:53002:3>, GE 7FDL16 diesel engine sounds
<kuid2:45324:85301:2>, MU Cable Front
<kuid2:45324:85303:2>, Loco Coupler Rear
<kuid2:45324:85305:3>, EMD 8 Blade 48 Radiator Fan
<kuid2:45324:85306:2>, Loco Coupler Front Plow
<kuid2:45324:85308:3>, EMD 10 Blade 48 Radiator Fan
<kuid2:45324:85316:2>, Loco Coupler Rear Plow
<kuid2:45324:85318:2>, EMD traction motor cables -3 motor
<kuid2:45324:90100:3>, dash2 L window cab mechanism
<kuid2:45324:90101:3>, dash2 cab mechanism
<kuid2:45324:91200:2>, generic cab shell
<kuid2:45324:91201:2>, generic L-window cab shell
<kuid:175455:1660>, Flexicoil M SP W
<kuid:175455:100196>, SP C50-9 Police Caboose
<kuid:175455:100214>, SP SD45 W1
<kuid:175455:100229>, SP SD45 W2
<kuid:175455:100230>, SP SD45 W3
<kuid:175455:100236>, SP SD45 cab shell D1
<kuid:175455:100241>, SP SD45 cab shell D2
<kuid:175455:100242>, SP SD45 cab shell D3
<kuid:175455:100245>, SP SD40T-2 W1
<kuid:175455:100246>, SP SD40T-2 cab shell D1
<kuid:175455:100249>, SP B30-7 W1
<kuid:175455:100337>, SP SW1500 W#1
<kuid:175455:100338>, EMD 2 Axle Flexicoil SP W

I want to know if the content from Mojave Exp II and Mojave Exp 1a are the same thing or if they are 2 different packs and which assets come with both?
the Mojave 2 pack only contains the below
(3) Variants of the SP CW44-9
(1) SP Police Caboose
(3) Weathered SP SD45's
(1) Weathered SP B30-7

Mojavepack1a.cdp and the SP Dash 9s are the contents of the Mojave II Content Pack ZIP file so its all one in the same