GE C39-8 – CR is missing a kuid


Canaidan Route Builter
GE C39-8 – CR is missing a kuid

<kuid2:30671:925059004:2> Engine sand
<kuid2:37581:1200:1> Leslie RS3L #2
<kuid2:45324:6398:1> C39-8 engine
<kuid2:45324:10100:6> Ditchlight
<kuid2:45324:10101:3> Red Corona
<kuid2:45324:28047:1> CR C39-8 Locomotive Skins
<kuid2:45324:50233:4> GE 6 axle truck modern CSX
<kuid2:45324:53007:2> GE 7FDL16 diesel engine sounds (late)
<kuid2:45324:54002:5> Locomotive sound effects library v1.08c
<kuid2:45324:90001:1> Unknown
<kuid2:45324:91165:1> CR C39-8 cab shell
<kuid2:45324:555200:24> Jointed Rail Train Effects library v1.33a
<kuid2:104722:2501038:127> Arn library, v2.02
<kuid:-3:10011> Diesel Fuel

There no excuse for this!
Common dependencies are located in our dependencies section of our site, this has always been the case. This is to keep file sizes down for those who have bandwidth concerns as well as for ease of updating on our end as well for any issues that may arise between versions of Trainz.